EXECinsurtech conference started in a time that I was looking for new opportunities, during the 2 days of conference I had 3 interviews, 2 by phone-call and 1 personally. I couldn’t plan my day to be at the opening day of conference and later in next day I find out that they had quite interesting pitching there and I missed it :. 

The second day was very good and I think I could get all I expected to get. Meanwhile the phone-call interviews were also very good, thanks to the FREE SELF SERVICE COFFEE at the conference.

Although the place and the organization of this conference could be much more better from my view, I really enjoyed participating in the @VinceMeens’ presentation form Techruption. He was talking about blockchain technology and how it will change the applications we are using today, how it will open new opportunities and new markets for different use-cases. During the presentation of MASTERCLASS: “Exploring the insurance benefits and perils of blockchain” he also spoke about the new project of Mobotiq and what this project is about.

I was familiar with blockchain technology by Bitcoin but I really liked Vince’s approach. wherever I heard about blockchain, I also heard about Bitcoin too, and as always why you should go buy Bitcoin just right NOW since the price is increasing every second!

Vince gave us different examples about how blockchain can change future technologies, how the transparency of transactions can make new competitive market and can be helpful for customers. I really wanted to have the slides to write more here since I only remember my favorite one 🙂

So talking about my favorite example of how blockchain technology can change future transactions. Imagine that you are walking to a hotel, before you make the payment at the reception, suddenly you get and interesting offer that you can pay your hotel costs by posting a nice tweet about the hotel! Actually I’m not sure still how this can be related to blockchain (!) but I really like to idea that your social accounts can have a measurable value which you can use them for your daily matters!

How we can define the value of Twitter account with 1000 followers for example? Is is it worth that the hotel gets a tweet instead of cash? Why?

Maybe answering the above questions can be a good start to think more seriously about my master thesis. Yes, that’s right, I’m actually looking for a subject to work on and I’m really interested to do a practical research thesis about the use cases of blockchain and Web Science.

Let’s see what happens. Hopefully I can have new ideas in Data Natives.