DataNatives 2017 – Day 1

Last year I was in DataNatives 2016 and so far it was much more better than this year’s! They had very delicious dishes as well :\. The first impression was like waiting in very long queue just to get the card which took about 1 hour!! and then waiting to just grab a coffee ( my favorite Latte ) again for 1 hour! It was quite interesting that their barista was dealing with lighting problems and he couldn’t see what he is actually making!! But the coffee tasted good at least 🙂

I want to give you an overview about those presentations that I participated and summarize it a bit.

After waiting in a long queues the first part I could get in was a panel for “The future of Mobility” held by Holger Weiss, CEO of German Autolabs, Silvan Rath CEO of, moderated by Elena Petrova, Data Scientist at Auto1 . Beside that I had problems hearing Elena, since she had a bit of flu I guess, the perspectives about the future of mobility was quite good. Holger, said that when we are talking about an autonomous cars, we are talking about Terra bytes of data within an hour since they have so many different sensors. This data needs a very good bandwidth to be transferred and when you do it with your mobile operator like Vodafone its gonna be so much expensive. I agree with him, from my view, we might have reached to the certain technologies and market but still the current publicly available infrastructure is not developed yet and is not ready for such technologies, bandwidth and this huge new market. It’s interesting that Silvan spoke about the Google and Apple and how their infrastructure, organization and also the technologies they have developed can help them to get into this market very fast. He said that iPhone has an A11 chip that is responsible for retrieving, processing and sending our phone sensors. Silvan, said that Apple has already have so much data that a car can generate and they can get such data and more reach ones in future even easier.

It is also interesting to mention that my friend who is researching in TU Berlin and is part of their big data department said that self-driving cars are entering to German’s market and they will start installing sensors and they are going to have those cars running in the university square !

The next one is John Calian, VP, The Blockchain Group & Co-lead, Head of T-Labs at Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs . Basically Deutsche Telekom is investing to become the leader of blockchain infrastructure market of tomorrow. John talked about the five general conditions for blockchain projects: building trust, efficient operations & reduced costs, new business models and & new markets, identity and user empowerment, smart contracts. I remembered that 2 days ago in EXECinsuretech Vince also mentioned smart contracts during his talk and how it can change the IT industry. I was actually expecting much more from details from John’s talk but he keep very abstract and I would say smart and he went for answering questions. They are working with TU Berlin and researchers currently and they are in contact with about 90 startups as he said. John mostly talked about Ethereum. John mentioned the current problems, lack of regulations and taxation problems we have in the current market like bitcoin, the business models that can be built on top of this new technology is still in development and also recruiting problem which is the problem of finding experts / engineers that can work on this subject. The talk was quite interesting although the fire-alarm forced us to go out and interrupted the whole event, nothing serious by the way, just made the organization even better! During the questioning  time, John was answering the security matters in this blockchain technology and he mentioned the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is going to be very important change for data privacy regulations and will effect IT industry seriously I would say. During the slide “Landscape of available ledger systems” John talked about Hyperledger which was very new for me and I believe they are working on Distributed Ledger Technology.

Later on I join some discussion panels for AI and find out about some interesting projects like mappiness which was discussed during the presentation given by Suzy Moat.

This year Data Natives is using a mobile application and I find it quite useful since there was also a part for those who are interested to find new jobs and those who have openings.

First day was quite a busy day. Let’s see what happens tomorrow 🙂