DataNatives 2017 – Day 2

I gonna go start the second day of DataNatives 2017 with a cup of latte macchiato and then let’s see what happens ….

So I started with startup’s pitch panel, quite interesting one, a few young ones and mostly new ideas. Since during the pitch it’s about giving brief overview about past, now and future of your business I can’t really summarize it since it, itself is kind of summary! But I can mention those that was interesting to me: GoGetDo, Onwrks, DECKARD and Solve.Care.

Then it was time for George Anadiotis, Linked Data Orchestration – ZDNet. His presentation was very good. I also liked his control, voice and confidence during the talk. Goerge gave an overview about 5 major concepts of big data from scratch I would say. He first started by “Streaming becomes mainstream” and talked about Lambda Architecture and Kappa Architecture which was very new for me. Next he said about “Hybrid transnational analytical processing” and compared the Traditional Architecture with HTAP Architecture. After that he talked about “Insight platforms as a service” and it’s big providers like Google, Amazon and IBM Watson. the forth one was “Moving up the analytic stack” which I really like to show his slide here:

Moving Up The Analytics Stack
Moving Up The Analytics Stack

Here we have the four big questions:

  1. What Happened?
  2. Why did it happen?
  3. What will happen?
  4. How can we make it happen?

Answering to those questions will actually help to clearly understand the problem and move toward the optimization. The last one he talked about was “Machine learning feedback loop” which again a picture can say a lot more about it!

Machine Learning Feedback Loop
Machine Learning Feedback Loop

Ok, that’s lunch time, lets grab a sandwich and prepare for the next one, WTF is Blockchain and what the Future Holds? by Andreas Osowski, IOTA Project Developer, Nasir Zubairi, CEO at LHoFT and Trent McConaghy, CTO at BigchainDB. Just find something about Andreas, an article for welcoming him to IOTA!

Andreas, sees the core value of this blockchain technology in a trust of data that it can bring to customers, clients and user. Trent talked about financing and ICO and sees blockchain technology as a technology that would disrupt the VCs. He sees this technology as digital art that gives significant transparency to transactions. Nasir mentioned the GDPR for answering Andreas about how we reduce the transaction’s transparency since GDPR is actually giving the control of data to consumers and Trent said about the immutability of the blockchain technology. Describing the what is blockchain from the data storage view, Trent gave a good abstract view about it, so the order is like from Centralized to Distributed and Decentralized databases and next Decentralized and Tokenized (BTW, what’s Tokenization ?). There was also some good resources introduced RipplePayment Protocol ) and Kin ( from Kik ) which is a decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life.

After this panel, Trent stayed on the scene to give his next presentation, decentralized data marketplace, for applications in artificial intelligence and beyond! Very interesting one, he talked about our mutual problem, in a world that Google and Facebook hold 70% of whole internet traffic. Those big companies are actually storing data, making data silos or specifically how they are farming people. Trent talked about why it should be pool where every can access it not silo. He also talked about the Economic Incentive for bitcoin and how it is getting people to do. It’s all about the strategy and the concept they have defined behind it where the security is equal to computing power. He defined the Economic Incentive for ocean ( Ocean Protocol ) as follow:


Economic Incentive for Ocean
Economic Incentive for Ocean

So basically that’s the last day from my view. Since tomorrow I’m gonna go back to home, I’m gonna go plan for tonight.